Bliss 1906

Eliphalet Williams Bliss in Brooklyn, NY founded the E.W. Bliss Co. in 1867. The Bliss Company was diversified through the manufacture of shells and projectiles and the manufacture of tools, presses, and dies for use in sheet metal work. Bliss took out patents on machines for manufacturing and soldering metal cans and for shaping and casting sheet metal. Today the company is still manufacturing metal forming type Industrial Machinery and Equipment Machine tools.

In 1904, Motor Age Magazine printed the news that “The E.W. Bliss Company has taken up the manufacture of automobiles. Experiments have been so successful that plans are being made for the installation of a plant which will permit extensive operations along these lines.”

Bliss was on the roster as one of the 204 exhibitors for display on the main floor of the Automobile Club of America sixth annual car show  in New York Jan 13th through Jan 20th 1906. The photo at the top is a 1906 Bliss and shown below is a brochure for their metal press. Eliphalet Bliss died in 1902, so he never got to see the cars that would carry his name on the badge.

By Rick Robinson

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