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5 Reasons To Use Church Growth Associates

With 20 plus years of church growth experience focused on the Word of God, you will receive a personal partnership with Church Growth Associates, bringing you the results you need with exceptional value.


Rarely if ever does one factor cause church growth or decline. Church Growth takes place when successful combinations of factors are in place. This combination of factors is called your church growth mix. Church Growth Associates has the experience to help you adjust your church growth mix to be successful. You have probably found many of the hundreds of books we have collected and read on the subject of church growth, but have not been able to transfer the ideas in the books into reality. We have been helping churches of all sizes grow through using the tools and methods we have developed and proven since 1989.


The best book ever written on church growth is the Bible, and the best consultant is Jesus Christ. In only one sentence, here are four important things Jesus said we should know about church growth.

1. Jesus owns the church

2. Jesus will build the church

3. Satan will fight against the church

4. Jesus will bring victory for the church

Matthew 16:18

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

The main focus of church growth must be centered on Jesus Christ. We will always focus on Biblical solutions for growth above paradigms or experience alone.


Results are always the bottom line when it comes to implementing church growth plans. Churches of all sizes, in large cities and small towns alike have seen results using our services. Rural churches, such as one that had 12 members, but now has over 120 in worship in the small country church. We have helped other churches that were going to give up because they could not afford the rent for their building.

Tell us your story, and let’s discuss how we can get results for you.


Church Growth Associates gives you personalized progress and response to get the results you are looking for. The personalized touch doesn’t stop with the analysis and leadership for church growth, but we are also available when you need a friend, or have questions. We have a network of prayer partners that are praying for the churches and people we work with. You can send prayer request 24/7 on our website. You can also e-mail or call with questions at any time. Be part of Rick Robinson’s circle of friends on Facebook, ( read devotional thoughts, or follow the restoration of his 1929 Pontiac on the blog. (Life is not all work.)

We know being the wife of a pastor is a demanding call. Ladies can read Victoria Robinson’s daily devotionals on the Girlfriend’s Oasis on our site. There are a lot of free resources available on our website, even if you are not a member of our church growth plan. Get more information about us at


All this ads up to exceptional value for your church. We have onsite Consultations and church growth workshops to choose from. ( You can save even more of God’s money when you get help through the Internet, using our innovative iConsulltations. ( Every church can afford help using our iConsultation. We also have a scholarship program for qualifying churches.

Call or click and let’s talk about church growth for your church.


To see if Church Growth Associates can help your church, click here;  Can Church Growth Associates help my church? A consultant will contact you to hear your story.

Rev. Rick Robinson is a church growth consultant helping churches of all sizes with church growth and evangelism strategies.


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Ushers In The Isles?

We work with churches of all sizes, but this experience took place in a church with about 1000 in worship. This church scored 120 points out of possible 3320 points on our visitor welcome scale. Treatment of visitors is a very important part of the church growth mix of your church. Through our iConsultations and Onsite Consultations, we help churches improve the growth mix, and achieve 3320 points with every visitor they get. Can you identify things your church should or should not do from this example?

Rev. Rick Robinson

Church Growth Associates, Inc.


A candid look at church 1552


As we approach the grounds, the church is easily identified with the large sign at the road, and the name of the church on the side of the building. The entrance to the parking area has at least two options, we chose to take the second entrance today. This brings us to a drive around the back of the worship center. I could see what appeared to be parking lot attendants ministering out there, but where are those attendants? We seem to have the drop on them, and parking here without help is not easy. It is a large parking area to accommodate the 1000 or so people that will worship inside, and it is easier to find parking at the local shopping centers. The greeters are not wearing any type of identification, and since there are supposed to be parking attendants, there is no designated visitor parking area either.

Upon finding a space for the car, we make our way to the worship center. People are friendly if spoken to; otherwise they just pass you by. There is one youth passing out bulletins at the door as if it were a punishment for being late for Sunday School. We are presented a bulletin with no smile or eye contact. The building is a multipurpose structure that is now transformed into the worship center. As the auditorium fills with people, the ushers begin walking up and down the isles looking for available seating. Above the first floor is a walkway around the building leading to offices and education rooms. Additional ushers have positioned themselves there as “spotters” for the sanctuary ushers. I have seen many churches with this architecture, but this one almost has the feel of a prison.

The music begins and the worship service is underway. Lively praise music led by an enthusiastic worship leader, with a smile and an attitude that makes you glad you came today. The feeling of being in jail is diminishing. The Ushers are still doing their jobs in the isles and on the platforms.After a couple of worship songs the pastor greets the worshippers and asks the guest to stand and be welcomed. Nearby members greet the guest in their area while the ushers pass out registration cards and return to the center of the isles. During the sermon these ushers remain at “parade rest” in the center of the isles. Yes, they were standing in the isles during the entire service, and it is starting to feel like prison again. This makes me wonder what will happen should I decide to leave early.

The message is evangelistic and several people receive Christ during the time of commitment. Well, those ushers are still in the isles and now it’s time to go home. No, they didn’t try to stop us, and they didn’t ask us to return. No follow-up will be done with our registration. This is one of many churches that collect information and do nothing with it. Would you return to worship here again?

To see if Church Growth Associates can help your church, click here;  Can Church Growth Associates help my church? A consultant will contact you to hear your story.

Rev. Rick Robinson is a church growth consultant helping churches of all sizes with church growth and evangelism strategies.

Copyright 2010 Church Growth Associates

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A Cross Carrying Church

The purpose of these summaries is to inspire church growth ideas and encourage others to look at how they do church, not to criticize or exalt any church. For this reason, the church name is always omitted from the summary, but they are all true stories. When we do church growth consultations, we use what we call a “Visitor Welcome Scale” to rate the church with a value of up to 3320 points. While most churches in the United States would score 20 points or less, this church scored 320 points on our scale. Churches that use our iConsultation services, or our Onsite Consultation service, benefit by learning to become a 3320 point visitor welcome church.

Rick Robinson
Church Growth Associates

A “Candid Look” at church 3115

How do those around us view our church? Are you known as the church that sells the Christmas trees or pumpkins every year? Almost every city has a church that does that. I am not criticizing anyone for raising money by selling trees that is between you and God. Wouldn’t Christ want us to be known as the church that reaches into the community meeting needs? A place the community can find people who care when they need help. More importantly, how do they view us as members?

This “Candid Look” is about a church that starts each Sunday morning off with a fellowship breakfast. We did not attend the breakfast because that would give the members an opportunity to find out who we are. Our visit is to be done in the main worship service where most first time visitors will attend your church.

The worship service was a blend of contemporary praise and hymns along with the traditional worship culture. One thing that really impressed me, was the way the pastor brought along the visitors with an explanation of what was taking place. People do not want to feel like outsiders, they want to know they can make friends here.

At a certain place during the service the pastor asked an interesting question, “Who has carried the cross this week?” Two members stood up, each holding a wooden cross about six inches tall. The pastor explained that one way they share faith in Christ, is for members to carry the wooden cross in visible sight during the week. Not in a pocket or a purse, but right out in the open, praying for someone to ask, “Why are you carrying that cross around with you everywhere?” As I listened to the moving testimonies of how the week went for each person who carried the cross, I saw the Lord had used this tool to allow for conversation about Christ and the church. Next on the agenda, was finding members willing to carry the cross during the upcoming week. As the pastor asked, “Who will carry the cross during the upcoming week?” I am moved almost to tears, as people across the sanctuary stand raising their hands, so excited about the opportunity and not ashamed or frightened. One lady who had the cross in her hand pleaded for the opportunity to carry the cross yet another week. The pastor asked a man selected to carry the cross, “Will that be okay for you to wait another week?” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! How many churches would respond that way? How would I respond if I were a member here? I’m now thinking, wow, this is great!

The message the pastor delivered that Sunday was down to earth and relevant to today’s living, but the message I received from the congregation was one I will never forget. The excitement and attitude of these people, who would some three months later attend our workshop, was refreshing.

To see if Church Growth Associates can help your church, click here;  Can Church Growth Associates help my church? A consultant will contact you to hear your story.

Rev. Rick Robinson is a church growth consultant helping churches of all sizes with church growth and evangelism strategies.

Copyright 2010 Church Growth Associates

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Loose Pews & Parked Cars

The pastors I talk with don’t often get a chance to experience what a worship service in another church is like. Sometimes they don’t even think about what the worship service in their own church is like. I am not talking about the content of the message, but what does a visitor experience? We want to inspire you with church growth ideas that will help you with your church growth strategies.

I want to share some of the “Candid Look” articles that have been published in our “Attitudes!” magazine from Church Growth Associates. These reports are all written by one of our associates that made the “Candid Look” visit to the church. The name of the church is never published, but they are all true stories. We have a simple visitor welcome scale we use to evaluate, with a possible total score of 3320 points. Most churches in the United States would score 20 points or less on our scale. Such is the case of the church in this story. Churches that use our iConsultation, or our Onsite Consultation service, benefit by learning to become a 3320 point visitor welcome church.

Rick Robinson
Church Growth Associates

A “Candid Look” at church 2363

What do visitors see when they attend your church? If you are anything like I used to be, that question never really enters your mind. I know I never really thought about what a visitor went through, at least not until I had the opportunity to work for Church Growth Associates. One of my responsibilities is to pose as a church visitor, as part of the consultation process. Let me tell you about my first assignment as a “visitor”. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

I left that Sunday morning in plenty of time to find the church I had never seen before. I knew the general location of the church and figured I could stop and ask directions when I got in the vicinity of it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first place I stopped was a small gas station. There were two people working and neither one of them had a clue as to the location of my destination. My second stop was a food store and gas station combined. One of the ladies that worked there told me where she thought it was. I looked, it wasn’t there. I began to think I wouldn’t even find the church, at least in time to attend services that morning. As I was driving back to where I thought the church was I noticed a sign just off the side of the road and partially blocked by some trees. I could not read that side of the sign because it had a big hole in it. Once I got passed the sign I was able to look back and see that it was indeed the sign of my elusive church. By the way the two places that I stopped and asked directions; one of them was two blocks away and the other, one block away.

I drove up to the church and looked for a place to park. I didn’t see one at first. I did see other cars parked on the grass beside the church, but I couldn’t tell how they got there. I didn’t see a driveway. It ended up that I had to drive completely around the block and attempt my landing once more. This time I got lucky, I got behind someone that was going to the same place I was. I watched as my fellow church go-er drove onto the grass, around two trees, and parked beside and partially behind another car. “I can do that,” I said to myself, so I pulled my car onto the grass, around the trees, and to my amazement I was blocked. My fellow church go-er had not pulled up far enough. I guess he did that so he could be the first one out, because he made sure nobody else was going to come in that way.

Well believe it or not after my ordeal with finding a parking spot I still had enough time to freshen up before the service started. I began to look for a sign that would point me in the direction of a restroom but to no avail. I finally asked someone where it was and they pointed to a small black and white “Restroom” sign hanging from the roof of the walkway. Obviously a sign that only a church member would know was there. Anyway, I splashed water on my face and reached for a towel and, guess what? You guessed it, No towels! “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said to myself. I walked out shaking my hands trying to get them dry case I would have to shake someone’s hand.

I make it to the front doors of the church about 5 minutes before services started. I walked in and noticed about 8 men standing around talking. I was handed a bulletin and greeted with a simple “Good morning.” I sat down on the right side about 6 pews from the back. At that time there was no one sitting behind me and a lady and child sitting two pews in front of me. The service started on time, and for a while I was enjoying myself. Then came time to welcome the visitors. “Ok,” I thought to myself, “Lets see just how friendly these people are,” besides, that was one of the reasons I was there. Exactly 3 people greeted me. The lady that was sitting two pews in front of me leaned over and stuck out her hand. What was I to do? I leaned over my pew to take her hand, all the while holding on to my pew hoping not to fall. Little did I know my pew was not bolted to the floor. No, I didn’t fall but it was close. The other two people that shook my hand greeted me with a “Good morning” and that was it.

When the service ended I made it to my car with no “trouble”. What I mean is, no one stopped me to introduce himself or herself or invite me back. No one except the Pastor. You know how they all stand at the door after the service in order to see everyone on their way out. He was the only one to ask my name, give his name, and invite me back.

Now let me ask you again, What do visitors see when they visit your church? One of the purposes of this magazine is to help churches grow. I hope this true story has raised in you, some questions about what visitors go through when they visit your church. Maybe more important, what we as Pastors or lay people can do to make that visit a little more pleasant. Next time you encounter guests at your church remember – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

To see if Church Growth Associates can help your church, click here;  Can Church Growth Associates help my church? A consultant will contact you to hear your story.

Rev. Rick Robinson is a church growth consultant helping churches of all sizes with church growth and evangelism strategies.


Copyright 2011 Church Growth Associates, Inc.

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Adding A Worship Service

By Rev. Rick Robinson

Adding an additional Worship Service may not be “The Final Frontier”, but it may be a place where no man in your congregation has gone before. This material is designed to help you understand the effects of what some may consider a radical change. No consultant should presume to tell you when to add a service, God’s wisdom overrules mans wisdom, experience and statistics. I want to help inform you about this process because facts can be a great tool, but you must get your direction from God. There are many reasons to consider an additional worship service, but the motive must be reaching out to a greater number of people, that is what God blesses.

Many churches decide to add an additional service because they are out of space. When it comes to space, if your church is eighty percent filled during worship, an additional service will likely help you reach more people for Christ. Some consultants believe you should have about fifty people, before adding a service will work. I have seen a church with less than twenty people start a second service and now they have well over one hundred people in worship. The decision was made first to reach more people for Jesus. They prayed for God to work through them, and added the early service in advance as an act of faith. Now, they are praying about a third service. Don’t let your numbers be the final answer for action.

Some consultants think the traditional church is too ineffective to revive. The statistics they use as proof do not say, “quit” to me, they just reveal we need a renewal of God in our hearts. It is our hearts that need change more than our traditions. During our consultation process we use a tool we call “Thoughts & Perceptions” surveys. These surveys include questions that refer to adding an additional service. This gives us a good idea what type of receptivity there would be to the concept while we are discovering your growth mix. We ask these questions because you may want to use an additional service as part of a new growth strategy even if you are not out of space. There are many variables in your growth mix that contribute to the growth of your church, adding a service is only one idea.

If you do want to add a new style of worship service to reach more people, I have this advice. Separating evangelism and discipleship is like slicing a quarter and thinking you have fifty cents. You do not. Jesus told us to go make disciples.

Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Jesus said “go” here, not that we should just expect them to “come” to us. He also said we are to teach them, not simply make them feel comfortable with how they live just now. Think outside the box without forgetting what’s inside the box. It’s all about making disciples, not just gaining converts.

If adding a second worship service is expected to increase attendance by fifteen percent in the average church, does it make sense that the devil will want to fight such a significant decision? Each church will have a different set of objections that will present themselves to confront any change. Some of the most common objections to adding an additional worship service are:

That idea will never work here.

We can’t get enough workers for one service.

We still have plenty of seats in the sanctuary except on holidays.

Two services will split the congregation.

Many of our leaders, “big givers” or most of the congregation will oppose the idea.

There won’t be enough people in the early service to make it worthwhile.

The cost of heat/air and lighting will put us over budget.

Most churches do not have enough people that feel this way to stop the excitement of reaching new people. I have found the biggest barrier to adding an additional service is the pastor and staff willingness to commit to the additional time required. This is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Adding a second worship service can be advantageous for many reasons:

It is an opportunity to have multiple worship styles to appeal to more people. (Remember what’s in the box!)

It can free up valuable space to make room for new people.

It will create more jobs and thus combat “spiritual unemployment”.

It is more cost effective than remodeling, relocating or building a new worship facility.

This goes back to the heart of your people. Our iConsultation will help you discover and deal with emotional and spiritual barriers effectively. Church Growth Associates can help you grow your church with a clarified vision and hope for the future.

To see if Church Growth Associates can help your church, click here;  Can Church Growth Associates help my church? A consultant will contact you to hear your story.

Rev. Rick Robinson is a church growth consultant helping churches of all sizes with church growth and evangelism strategies.

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