Playing Games

Feb 15

by Victoria Robinson

One of the ploys of the enemy of our souls is to get us to play games. More specifically spiritual games. In other words, to live a life not motivated by a sincere heart. It can become so easy to play games by putting on a holy facade out of fear others will see who we really are. My favorite people are those who just allow you to see them as they really are—no games!

The most dangerous game you can play is to pretend to be something you are not in front of your heavenly Father, who by the way, knows your true heart regardless of your outer behavior.

The wisdom of this world tells us we need to play the game of keeping up appearances, while the wisdom of God guides us to live a life of honesty and sincerity. Dearest girlfriends, let us live honest and sincere lives that reflect our heavenly Father’s wonderful character.

We can be proud of our clear conscience. We have always lived honestly and sincerely, especially when we were with you. And we were guided by God’s wonderful kindness instead of by the wisdom of this world. ~ 2 Corinthians 1:12 CEV
Nothing is hidden from God! He sees through everything, and we will have to tell him the truth. ~ Hebrews 4:13 CEV

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