Very seldom, if ever, does a church grow or decline because of one reason. Churches grow when they have the right combination of factors in place for their particular church. This combination of factors is what we call the growth mix. To create an effective church growth strategy for any church, it is helpful to discover where your growth mix is.

We have the experience to help your church create church growth strategies that work. Healthy churches should be growing by 50% conversion and 50% transfer/other growth. The base of our strategy will always be reaching new people for Jesus Christ.

Our “Thoughts & Perceptions” survey will help your church growth consultants analyze your church to see where the weaknesses and strengths are now. We will help you through providing training materials in PowerPoint format, with everything you need to lead your congregation to a renewed vision. Your church will receive passwords to access our members only resources along with a whole year of tracking and accountability to keep you on track. Our clients are experiencing on average a 20% AAGR (Average Annual Growth Rate).

Call or click and tell us your story. Let’s discuss how we can help your church grow.

An Affordable Consultant Service

An Affordable Consultant Service

What Are Pastors Saying?

What Are Pastors Saying?

I led the 15 members of the church through a 3-hour breakfast workshop for planning and vision. The PowerPoint presentation and all the Scriptures enclosed really made an impact.

I suppose the greatest part of this partnership with Church Growth Associates, has been my conversations with Rick Robinson. He has prayed with me and supported me as I have walked through this difficult time of getting people focused on what is REALLY important in the church. Last December my church had an average attendance of 18 and this December we had an average attendance of 35 in worship. Our growth over the past year is a 20% growth rate, and our momentum is just building. We have baptized 3 people already this year. I am excited about the results of the iConsultation.

Pastor Don Hassee

Temple Crest Baptist Church

We had twelve members and we were located across from a cow pasture in a rural community. With the help of Church Growth Associates we have experienced an increase of over ten times in our membership! Our children's ministry has also grown tremendously, and sometimes we have more youth on Thursday night than we have for total attendance in two services on Sunday morning. People are growing in Christ and finding their place in ministry. Church Growth Associates has really helped our church start the road to reaching our destiny in Christ.

Rev. Daniel Richwine

Sumterville Assembly of God




—  Matthew 16:18

…upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.

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